Gorgonzola laced with chocolate

Gorgonzola laced with chocolate

1 Gorgonzola wheel- cut in wedges, you can use Mountain Gorgonzola, or Blue Stilton, or Gorgonzola Dolce, your local cheese specialty shop can cut it into the sizes you need.

½ cup milk chocolate- good quality chocolate coarsely chopped in cusinart

Milk chocolate morsels for garnish- good quality

Strawberries & grapes, or a variety of your favorite fruits for garnish

Carr’s crackers

French baguettes

Place the cheese wedge on a cheese platter, add the chopped chocolate on the side of the wedge, and press in the cheese as best as you can. Garnish the platter. Serve with a cheese knife. Serve with crackers and French baguette on the side. This is a simple recipe, but it is very savory and sweet.  Use 1 ½ wedges per 30-40 people.


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