Jeff’s Collard greens

  1. In a deep large heated pan, add oil and saute bacon and onions for a few minutes till onions become translucent. Add greens; saute to wilt the greens. Add turnips, vinegar,stock, and remaining ingrediants. Bring to boil; adjust seasoning. Reduce heat to simmer, add more stock if needed. Cook ham hocksĀ in the greens mixture till done and remove. Remove meat from ham hocks, it will be hot, then chop the meat and return to the greens. Remove cooked wing, take meat off bone from the wing, which will be hot. Place wing meat back, cook for 1 to 2 hours. Adjust seasoning.

4 Comments on Jeff’s Collard greens

  1. dr stein says:

    i made the collard greens – very tasty (i should have removed the stems, though…).
    and i should have also used kale as well – otherwise this will be one of my “regular meals” from now on!

  2. Jeff says:

    Thank you,

    I am glad you enjoyed the recipe.

    The posting above came from Dr. Stein @ 7ft 2, or otherwise known as “The World’s Tallest Chriropractor”.

  3. Robin says:

    Jeff’s Collard Green recipe looks amazing. Two questions, the directions say “cook ham hock until done” how long is that? Also, can apple cider vinegar be used instead of white vinegar?

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  4. Jeff says:

    Hi Robin, thank you for the question. You will need to check the ham hock, but it should cook within 25 minutes, when the meat starts to fall off the ham hock. No, I don’t recommend apple cider vinegar, your greens will have a sweetness to them. Most greens are savory and bitter. Happy holidays.

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