Veal chop with a Grande Veneur sauce

For the marinade:

In a large bowl combine all the above ingrediants; place the veal in a pan, and pour marinade over veal chops. Cover in refrigerastor for 2 hours. Heat a large saute pan with oil, remove veal from marinade and pat dry with paper towels. Reserve about 2 cups of the marinade. Strain marinade into a bowl.  When the saute pan begins to smoke, sear the veal on both till golden brown. Heat oven to 350, place veal on a sheet pan and cook 8-10 minutes longer till medium doneness, or until your liking, Remove from sheet pan, let rest. Reserve any pan juices from the cooked veal on the sheet pan.

For the sauce:

In a saute pan, add the 2 cups of the strained marinade, heat to boil, add the reserved pan juices, reduce, add cream, reduce by half, on simmer, adjust seasoning if needed. Remove from heat, add blueberries, add Bourson cheese last. Place veal chop on plate, and spoon sauce on top, this is a rich classic sauce.

serves 4


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