Grilled Ribeye steak with a spicy mushroom sauce

Have everything preped for the sauce.  Season steaks on both sides and place on a large serving plater. On a hot standard outdoor grill, place the steaks on the grill and cook for about 6 minutes, turn steaks over and again cook for about 6 minutes or until the steaks reach a temperature of rare. Remove from grill and place on a large plater. Bring steaks inside to your kitchen, set aside, let rest. The internal temperature will continue to cook to medium-rare. Or cook steaks to your liking.  In a large hot saute pan, add the oil, quickly add the garlic, shallots, and stir quickly to sweat for 30 seconds and not to burn. Add the mushrooms and tasso, and cook for 4-5 minutes, till they become brown and carmelized. Deglaze with sherry wine, use caution. Evaporate the wine, then add the heavy cream, lower heat to a simmer., Reduce by half, then season with salt & pepper. Remove from heat, add the butter, and fold the butter into the sauce. Plate up the steaks, pour a generous amount of the sauce on top the steaks, serve with your choice of a startch or potato. **  Can be served with a soft, light bodied Merlot,  a Cabernet-Sauvignon, or a Pinot noir.  The sweet sherry wine spicy sauce will pair well with a Merlot as spicy foods can accentuate the flavor of the wine.

  serves 6


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  1. Todd says:

    Ribeyes are my favorite cut of meat and this recipe sounds fantastic. I know what tasso is but will you please enlighten those who may not know.

  2. Todd says:

    Oh, and BTW, a “Jeopardy” question today stated that Little John of Robin Hood lore was reported to be 7 feet tall.

  3. Jeff says:


    Thank you for your comments and here is a definition of Tasso:

    Tasso ham is a specialty of Cajun cuisine. It is a spicy, peppery version of smoked pork made from the shoulder butt. In this case, “ham” is a misnomer, since tasso is not made from the hind leg of a pig. This cut is typically fatty and, because the muscle is constantly used by the animal, has a great deal of flavor. The butt, which will weigh 7 to 8 pounds, is sliced across the grain into pieces about 3 in / 7.5 cm thick. These are dredged in a salt cure, which usually includes nitrates and sugar. The meat is left to cure briefly, only three or four hours, then rinsed, rubbed with a spice mixture containing Cayenne pepper and garlic, and hot-smoked until cooked through

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